The Luart DAO

It’s been an exciting few weeks for the Luart ecosystem. The launch of the $LUART token, activation of LUA Power, and the integration of the Leaderboard. The community expects a lot from Luart and the team continues to deliver new quality features.

Enter: The Luart DAO

The team early on focused heavily on listening to what the community wanted when building the initial product. Luart understands how important it is to get the community involved.

The Luart DAO is the next feature of the Luart ecosystem that brings even more utility to the $LUART token. The Luart DAO is the users first chance to play a direct role in the decisions made in making Luart the best NFT platform in the metaverse. In the early stages of the DAO, $LUART holders will be able to vote on governance proposals submitted by the Luart team. As the Luart platform matures, $LUART holders will be able to submit their own governance proposals for Luart.

Users can expect an interface within the LUART app that allows them to vote on polls. The first polls will begin with upcoming NFT projects. $LUART holders get the chance to upvote or downvote on projects coming to the Launchpad. These projects will have already gone through the normal Luart vetting process as well.

Check out the Luart DAO directly:

The Luart DAO

The first proposals from Luart are already live! Use your $LUART holdings to vote below:


Join Luart

We are always looking for developers and creative minds who are interested in joining us on this journey in building the first gamified NFT marketplace in the Terra Ecosystem. See the links below to reach out.



The mission to Arcnes launches soon…

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