The $LUART Airdrop

It’s here. The $LUART Airdrop 💸

As part of the $LUART token campaign, the long awaited airdrop announcement is finally here. We will be rewarding our most loyal users with a token of our appreciation.

Who Gets the Airdrop, and How Much?

Distributions from this airdrop are attributable to revenues direct from the Luart platform. A total of 50,000 $UST and 300,000 $LUART tokens will be distributed amongst the top 100 wallets on the LUA Power leaderboard.

Make sure to check your position on the Luart Leaderboard by going to and connecting your wallet to the dashboard. You will find your ranking in the dashboard similar to the screenshot below.

Luart Leaderboard dashboard

Airdrop Date

The airdrop will take place on 4 May 2022. The Snapshot will occur close to the date of the airdrop.

Distribution Amount

  • 50,000 $UST
  • 300,000 $LUART


Eligible users are wallets attributed to position 1–100 on the Luart Lua Power Leaderboard.

🚨The airdrop will be distributed directly to the winners wallets, there will be nowhere to “claim” the airdrop — watch out for scam sites🚨

LUART Token Contract

The only genuine $LUART token contract address is: terra1vwz7t30q76s7xx6qgtxdqnu6vpr3ak3vw62ygk

LUART is a Terra native token and can be traded directly on the Luart App or on the Terra native DEX, Astroport.

I Earned the LUART Airdrop, Now What?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Being a LUA Power holder pays.

Fees earned from the Luart platform are distributed to the revenue pool which is viewable in the LUA Power Leaderboard dashboard. The revenue pools consists of $UST and $LUART tokens. Fees from the platform are earned in $UST, a portion of which is then used to buy $LUART tokens to form the revenue pool. On a regular basis, the revenue pool will be distributed to top LUA Power holders.

You can earn LUA Power in 4 ways, each earning a different multiplier:

  • LP Staking $LUART (6x)
  • Single Asset Staking $LUART (3x)
  • Minting on the Launchpad (0.5x*)
  • Purchasing on the Marketplace (0.5x*)

Staking $LUART earns you the highest multiples on LUA Power.

So, stake those $LUART tokens and earn more $!




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