Silent Solohs Launch with Luart’s Launchpad

In just a few days, Silent Solohs will come to the Luart Platform as a Launchpad partner. We are excited to host their mint! Founder Soloh Jee recently auctioned off a pair of super rare Luna Air Force 1s for a charitable cause. This is where the “sole” of Silent Solohs was born. The project lives around the motto: “Mint To Give/Hold To Win.” 5,000 unique 3D characters will be available to mint soon! Details on the mint and project are listed below.

Mint Details

  • Mint size: 5,000 Solohs

Project Details (Post-Mint)

  • Royalties: A portion will go to Angel Protocol, while the remaining will go to our community wallet.

Jee is bringing a full circle experience for Soloh holders. Terra has a new project to look forward to that will bring value beyond the JPEG image that is purchased. Luart is excited to have Silent Solohs as a mint partner and will be releasing more specific details about the launch soon! Stay tuned Explorers!

Join Luart

We are always looking for developers and creative minds who are interested in joining us on this journey in building the first gamified NFT marketplace in the Terra Ecosystem. See the links below to reach out.



The mission to Arcnes launches soon…

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