Mission Report: Secondary Market Listings

Luart is the first gamified NFT platform that will bring a seamless, all-in-one experience to the Terra Ecosystem, for creators and LUNAtics alike. Providing them benefit not only from participating in the expanding universe of Terra NFTs, but also as a user of Luart’s unique marketplace.

Luart is committed to rewarding those who mints and buys NFTs on Luart. Providing utility towards all NFT projects on our platform.

At present, there are no platforms on Terra that are providing added utility value towards projects both pre and post mint. The introduction of our LUA Power rewards will incentivize further circulation through minting and buying NFTs in the ecosystem, providing a platform for the community to further engage and grow. LUA Power brings airdrops, exclusive events, early access to launches and more to users in the space.

Premier Partners on the marketplace:


The flagship launch on the Luart launchpad! Maybe you’ve heard of them and maybe you haven’t, but one thing’s for sure — you’re gonna. The #HellCats are an undercover collective of 2,500 randomly generated misfits on the Terra blockchain. There’s no one way of thinking among this diverse crew of degenerates. It’s simply a gang of the most radical, middle finger to the ‘norm’, doing-things-for-yourself-by-yourself outcasts. That’s why their motto is #RaiseHell. And why these troublemakers aren’t looking for your approval or acceptance, just your respect.

Galactic Punks

Galactic Punks were the first major NFT Collection on the Terra blockchain, launching shortly after the Col-5 Update with a supply of 10,921 punks: In honour of the moon’s circumference. GPs proudly combine cosmic visual language and traits celebrating fellow early builders in the Terra space with a homage to OG NFTs. Buying a Galactic Punk means more than passive NFT ownership — it grants you access to the Galactic DAO: a community of LUNAtics who want to advance Terra in general, and NFTerra in particular. It’s a place to learn, contribute and grow together — and it is waiting for you to choose your punk and join it!

Luna Bulls

LunaBulls are 10069 unique NFTs launching on the Terra Blockchain. The LunaBulls are an army of highly trained space-faring individuals who were sent here to protect the TerraVerse from any bear, being, or institution who dare threaten it. Whilst there are no threats present, the LunaBulls have gone undercover and formed a society, patiently waiting for their next mission. The Stampede is waiting, watching.


STYLLAR™ is a revolutionary NFT avatar project inspired by popular culture. Styllars consist of 10,050 uniquely generated avatars. Each avatar features exclusive traits comprised of items and elements, some of which are significantly limited compared to others. Styllars will be available to be officially owned by any individual on the Terra blockchain. Styllar has also built an item fuzer for holders to create and customize (Fuse) their Styllars.


HERO is a limited edition NFT collection of 10,101 unique digital collectibles thriving on both the Solana and Terra blockchains. HERO is the first cross-chain nft between Terra and Solana. Hero NFT holders will be able to utilize the Roboshop to upgrade and develop their Heros. In addition to early access to its official game release, and contribute towards the matters of developing the game.

More confirmed projects coming onto Luart include (alphabetical):

A Space Doodle, Astroverse, BreadClip, Crunks, Dirty Bear Country Club, GraviDAO, Legends of Terra, Levana, Luna Kiddies, Luna Shroomz, NIPTerra, Planet of LunApes, Poppin Puffins, Red Eyed Space Toads, Tales of Terra, Terra Dragons, Terra Turtles, Terra Whales, Terrabots, Terranauts, TerraNova, TerraPins, Unstables, WAGMIMONKEEZ, WAGMIKONGZ and many more!

#PutYourHelmetOn 👩‍🚀

Join Luart

We are always looking for developers and creative minds who are interested in joining us on this journey in building the first gamified NFT marketplace in the Terra Ecosystem. See the links below to reach out.



The mission to Arcnes launches soon…

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