Luart Marketplace Partner: Get to Know PlayNity The Genesis


Welcome Explorers to today’s edition of This time we have our marketplace partners: PlayNity The Genesis. PlayNity is a NFT gaming guild platform whose mission is to facilitate the entry into P2E games and the metaverse. PlayNity The Genesis collection will serve as a loyalty incentive for the PlayNity platform. In today’s article we will go over a bit of what PlayNity is all about and then jump into their Genesis NFT collection. Strap yourselves in and let’s get right into it.

As mentioned before the PlayNity platform aims to facilitate the entrance of new players in the NFT space. They have incentives in place for all people who want to join the space. Whether someone wants to play, invest, manage or train, there is a place for everyone on their platform. The following is a brief description of the different types of roles one can participate in:

  • Players: Earn by playing games without any entry cost.
  • Supplier: (Investors) Allocate their funds in $PLY token to capitalize on the P2E trend.
  • Trainers: Train players and earn without a monetary investment.
  • Managers: Manage and lead scholars and teams to split earnings.

While participating on their platform, members will receive PEX points. PEX points, like Luapower, is a sort of rewards program for PlayNity. Earing PEX is as simple as staking PlayNity’s native token, or performing actions on the system. Collecting PEX points and reaching certain levels unlocks rewards such as better staking rewards, guaranteed WL slots, and more ( This is it for the PlayNity platform itself. If you would like to learn more make sure to visit their website. Now let’s get into their NFT collection.

PlayNity The Genesis

PlayNity The Genesis collection will be the only NFT collection featuring the PlayNity logo. This is a nod of recognition to their most dedicated community members by giving them a memorable logo to hold. The NFTs also have a utility on the PlayNity platform. The NFTs will give benefits to their holders depending on the rarity. There are 5 different levels of rarity; Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic. Below are the details of what to expect for each rarity:

There is a lot of information so we will give a quick summary of some of the more notable benefits. Each tier will come with a daily PEX points reward boost with Mythic giving the maximum of +60 PEX points. An ascending possibility for airdrops. Starting at Epic, one can also receive a presale ticket for a PlayNity Lands NFT. Mythic will allot 2 presale tickets with a 30% discount on mint price. Other benefits include but are not limited to, higher chances of winning WL spots and giveaways, boosts on scholarship program earnings, discount on future merchandise etc.

Mint and Marketplace

PlayNity The Genesis will be minting on May 5th on Mintdao for 1.3 Luna for the *presale and 1.5 Luna for the public sale. There will be a total of 1800 NFTs available for mint. After the mint, PlayNity The Genesis NFTs will be available on the Luart marketplace.

Overall, PlayNity is looking to be the leading P2E guild in multiple areas. Their genesis collection will help to incentivize the community to participate on the platform. If you would like to learn more about the PlayNity and their NFT collection, make sure to follow their socials down below. That’s it for today Explorers, put your helmets on and we will see you on the next one.

#PutYourHelmetOn 👩‍🚀



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