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Terra Aliens

Welcome back Explorers to another edition of Terra Aliens have arrived and are looking for a new home. This project is looking to shake things up and bring new meaning to the word HODL. These cute and cartoony aliens will bring a plethora of utility and use cases to its’ holders. Today we will be looking at Terra Aliens planned utility, mint details and the roadmap. Let’s strap in and take a dive into Terra Aliens.


Before getting into the type of utility these NFTs will have, we should mention that the collection will consist of four families. These families will all have their own unique benefits. Some of the possible benefits include staking, airdrops, increased chances at giveaways and the chance at a WL spot for partnered projects.

This is where it gets interesting. Holders of multiple families, will receive added benefits. On top of this, those who stake 4/4 of the same family members will increase their benefits. For example, staking 4/4 of a family will grant a 2x boost for staking and a possibility for WL spot. People who stake 3/4 family members will simply get the opportunity for a WL spot. The less of a family that is staked, the lower the chances for a WL spot. More details to come.

There are more exciting things planned for Terra Aliens as well. Each Alien can be assigned one of the four following elements; earth, water, air or fire. Details on what benefits each element will be released at a later date. Furthermore, a market place for items, traits, collectable items and upgrades will be available post mint (it will be released as beta initially). There will be forging of items into a single piece and a burn mechanism will be introduced in the future.


Now for the mint details. This one is a bit long so here is a graphic to visualize some of the information.

There will be four phases to the mint process.

  • Galactic OG: 120UST each with a max mint of 1 NFT.
  • Community WL: 130UST each with a max mint of 2 NFTs.
  • WL Phase: 150UST each with a max mint of 2 NFTs.
  • Public Phase: 150UST each with a max mint of 5 NFTs.

Another thing to mention, Terra Aliens will provide a 1.5x multiplier to LUA power for mint and a 2x multiplier for buying on the marketplace. This gives Terra Aliens minters and buyers benefits and utility just for the initial acquisition.


The team behind Terra Aliens NFT project have big plans for the road ahead. Phase one of their roadmap was gathering of followers and partnerships while releasing the roadmap and character designs. Let’s take a look at the rest of the roadmap.

Phase 2

  • Mint
  • Rarity calculator
  • Sales Tracker
  • Holder benefits introduction
  • Holder ranking system
  • Whale tracker
  • Traits floor
  • Treasury
  • DAO announcement
  • NFT staking

Phase 3

  • Rare NFT benefits revealed
  • Charity donation
  • DAO formation and royalty sharing
  • Collaborations that will benefit Terra Alien NFT holders
  • Open market for top holders
  • Additional upgrades for Aliens
  • Terra Aliens family reunification
  • Role select for Aliens
  • Build Galactic economy

Phase 4

  • Planet details
  • Materialization
  • Beta access to the Terra Aliens metaverse
  • DAO — incoming force reborn
  • Aliens reborn
  • Roadmap 2.0

There might be many questions regarding the roadmap. Make sure to follow Terra Aliens’ socials provided below for all the latest updates and any questions that might come up. One last thing to mention, the Treasury will be funded by 100% of the secondary sales and a portion of the mint. With that, Explorers, we have come to the end. See you all on the next one.

#PutYourHelmetOn 👩‍🚀



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