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Welcome back Explorers to another edition of Get to Know on another one of our launch partners: Lunita. The Lunita team is gearing up to bring the first decentralized idol group to Terra. The Lovely Lunitas plan to perform live for everyone in the metaverse to enjoy. With their wide variety of styles and tribes, there is a Lunita for everybody. Today we will take a look at their goal for the project, mint details and finally the roadmap these ladies have prepared. Put on your helmet Explorers and let’s dive right in.

NFT Idol Group

The Lunita NFT project takes its inspiration from the K-pop/J-pop scene’s idol group system. Their goal is to become a first of its’ kind decentralized pop idol group in the Terra metaverse. They have seven different tribes in total ranging anywhere from humans, demons, aliens, catgirls, cyborgs and more. Lunitas blend art, music, pop culture with the technology of the Terra ecosystem. Pretty soon so you will be able to enter the metaverse, attend a virtual concert and see the idol that you own and built.

In order for the idol group to succeed, producers are required to make important developmental decisions for the group. Producers are in fact the Lunita NFT holders. As a producer, your job is to garner approval and popularity for your Lunita. Being a producer also makes you a part of the Lunita DAO and therefore will benefit from the project in one way or the other. A producer is also involved with the future decisions and direction of the Lunita NFT project.


The mint details are as follows:

Lunita will mint on Luart, April 14th. The total supply will run at 2345 NFTs available.

There are two phases to the mint. There is a WL phase where each wallet can mint 3 NFTs maximum and a Public phase where you can mint an unlimited amount.

Mint price: 99 $UST

Public mint quota: 7


Lunita’s roadmap is broken down into four distinct parts each focusing on a different aspect of creating an idol group. Part 1 was the marketing and community building stage. With the announcement of the mint details, Part 1 has come to an end. Let’s look at the rest of the roadmap.

Part 2

  • Recruitment of Producers. This is the minting stage.
  • List on Secondary Market. Luart.
  • Rarity and Ranking.
  • Private Producer Club opens. A special channel for Lunita NFT holders. Insider news, games with prizes and decisions of the project take place here.

Part 3

  • Member Election. The core of the project starts here. An event will be held to vote for your favorite Lunita to debut in the first Animated Music Video.
  • Single Release. There will be many singles released spread across seasons. Every single will have a music video with the members chosen by an election. Even if your Lunita doesn’t make it in the debut, there are many opportunities to appear in an MV.
  • Airdrop. In every event, new outfits and fan goods will be airdropped to holders. You can use these to customize your Lunita and make her the best idol she can be. These airdrops can be traded.
  • Animated Music Video. The MV will be released after the Member Election event and will be uploaded on Youtube to promote as the first decentralized idol group.

Part 4

Part 4 is the the first meta-live concert the Lunita Idol group will perform. The idols will be able to interact with fans. These meta-live concerts will feature the Lunita that you personally own. Their are other privileges that come to Lunita holders at the concert. More information to be announced at a later date.

If you are into idol groups or would like to take part in the creation of Terra’s first idol group, this might a project worth considering. The Lunita NFT team will bring a fresh kind of utility and entertainment to Terra NFTs in the form of a girl group. For more information and up to date announcements, make sure to follow them at their socials provided below. That is it for today’s article Explorers, until the next one.

#PutYourHelmetOn 👩‍🚀

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