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Genesis Wolves

Welcome again Explorers to another edition of Get to Know presented by Luart. Today we are taking a look at Genesis Wolves and their wolf pack. The Genesis Wolves collection is more than just a 2D profile picture NFT, these wolves are here for the betterment and advancement of the group and the entire Terra ecosystem. We will go over the team’s goals and vision, the mint details and finally their roadmap. Let’s jump into it Explorers.

Create and prosper

The Genesis Wolves team believe the Terra community is family, a pack. With the help and inspiration from one another the pack can create and prosper further than is imaginable. The Wolf Pack is dedicated and hungry for improvement and finds motivation in unity. Their mantra “Stay Hungry” demonstrates what they are all about. The Genesis wolves will not quit or settle in their hunt for innovation and improvement.

The team behind Genesis Wolves is highly focused and driven to “ignite the Terra ecosystem”. They are dedicated in creating a community-based decentralized NFT project. The incentive to hold a Genesis Wolves comes from passive income generated from their newly announced GENESIS PROTOCOL. Genesis Protocol is a decentralized gaming hub that bridges games to the Terra Ecosystem. More information on the protocol yet to come.


Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the details of the Genesis Wolves mint. This time it’s nice and simple with the exact mint times not yet disclosed.

Genesis Wolves will mint on Luart, April 8th. The total supply will run at 2500 NFTs available at 100 UST each.

*A max of 3 mints per wallet per stage, except the public mint. So a WL can mint 3 in the WL and an UNLIMITED amount during public.


As stated before, the Genesis Wolves team has high ambitions when it comes to their project and roadmap. Lets break down what their plan after the mint looks like.

  • The WolfDAO: The WolfDAO will be the stronghold of the Genesis Wolves community. WolfDAO members will receive insider information, special opportunities, and the power to vote on Treasury investments and project proposals. Exclusive membership into the WolfDAO will be granted to Genesis Wolves holders and managed by the Lunar Assistant of GraviDAO.
  • The Treasury: 30% of proceeds from secondary sales will be sent to the Community Wallet to be paid out to members of the WolfDAO who stake Genesis Wolves NFTs. Staking will allow WolfDAO members to claim airdrops on a regular basis. This will be implemented once the feature is developed while proceeds are deposited into Anchor Protocol’s Earn, accumulating yield. 70% of proceeds from secondary sales will be used to fund the treasury and will be used to invest in the Terra ecosystem, develop the Genesis Wolves brand, increase the floor price of Genesis Wolves, and invest in Terra NFT projects new and old.
  • Feeding the Wolves: For more passive income to the Genesis Wolves, profits generated from all GENESIS PROTOCOL projects will be given to holders to receive even greater yield. Ensuring the financial benefit of holders remains the priority. Yield will be airdropped to members of the WolfDAO in an airdrop-claiming method.
  • The Genesis Wolves Apparel: The official Genesis Wolves apparel will be released as a limited collection. The wolf pack will have the exclusive pass to premium-quality hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and much more.
  • The Mysterious Portal: Access to the Mysterious Portal will be gifted to a number of early members of the Genesis Wolves discord with more opportunities for others to receive one hereafter. More alpha about the Mysterious Portal will be revealed soon. The release of the Mysterious Portal marks the end of the first phase of the roadmap and transports all Genesis Wolves holders into their new beginning of The Roadmap — Phase 2 where profits continue to benefit Genesis Wolves holders in ways greater than before.

As we can see the Genesis Wolves team is a tenacious and talented team that are looking to create utility across Terra. The Wolf Pack will be a place to gather information and motivation to move the ecosystem forward. Will you join the pack? Stay up to date on all the latest announcements and details by following their socials. Until next time Explorers, stay hungry.

#PutYourHelmetOn 👩‍🚀

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