Get to Know Hellhounds


Welcome back Explorers and Troublemakers to an exciting Get to Know. This time we will look at the new Troublemakers in town, the HellHounds. These hounds look even nastier and naughtier than their compatriots. The new collection by the Troublemaker world is here and looking to take over. We will go over the reason for the creation of the Hellhound collection and the mint details. Let’s get into it.

Why HellHounds

At the launch of the Hellcats collection, the team was compelled to reduce their supply by 75% down to 2500 NFTs because of the overall NFT sentiment at the time. The low supply of Hellcats meant that some potential members were left out of the troublemakers community. As many of you may know, Hellcats have since been incredibly successful and have thus priced out many newcomers.

The Hellhounds will help expand the Troublemaker and HellCats community and allow newer members to enter at a reduced initial second-tier entry point. Holding a Hellhound NFT will grant full access to the Hellcats’ existing roadmap opportunities and developments. HellHounds will also get their own unique backstory.

Holders of HellCats NFTs get certain benefits, holders HellHounds get other benefits, but holders of both a HellCat and HellHound will get some special benefits down the road. More information of this will be released in due time.

Jax: Certified Troublemaker and lover of bones


Lets not waste anytime more time and jump right into the mint details.

HellHounds will mint on Luart, April 25th. The total supply will run at 5000 NFTs available at varying prices.

There will be 3 different phases to the mint:

  • Hellcat NFT Holders: 2500 NFTs at 150 UST (1 HellCat = 1 HellHound Mint)
  • WL: 1500 NFTs at 200 UST (2 mints per wallet)
  • General: 750 NFTs at 200 UST (3 mints per wallet)
  • Note for HellCat NFT holders: If you gain access to a WL spot as well, you will need a sperate wallet to secure your additional mints.

There will be plenty of opportunities to win a WL allocation on through poker tournaments, Tetris, giveaways and more activities.

Looks rare?

The HellHounds are not only an opportunity for newer members to join the Troublemaker community but also a mischievous bunch of mutts ready to turn everything upside down. Make sure to not miss any upcoming developments and announcements by following the Hellcat socials down below. Thanks for reading and see you all on the next one.

#PutYourHelmetOn 👩‍🚀

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