A Deep Dive into Columbus Omnia Luna (COL)

What is Columbus Omnia Luna

Welcome explorers to another exciting in-depth analysis of an upcoming project. This time we will take a look at Columbus Omnia Luna, a unique art NFT project inspired by the exploration found on Terra. In this deep dive, we will go over what Columbus Omnia Luna (COL) is, their utility, partnerships, and mint details. Let’s get started.

Inspired by both the name of Terra’s Mainnet and the famous Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus, Columbus Omnia Luna looks to capture the spirit of exploration and adventure. Omnia means “all” or “whole” in Latin which can represent every, current or future, Columbus Mainnet upgrade. Luna, as you may know, means “moon” in Latin and directly represents Terra’s ticker $LUNA.

[C]olumbus [O]mnia [L]una combined make “COL”. This is not just a simple coincidence, but an intentional reference to the abbreviation for the Columbus Mainnet COL or as it is known COL-5.

Columbus Omnia Luna is looking to provide a unique and high-quality NFT that is worthy of any collection, not only on Terra but in the NFT space as a whole. With the COL NFT they are celebrating both the latest Terra Mainnet upgrade and the legendary Christopher Columbus.


The COL NFT collection is an evolving project that changes overtime in conjunction with the Terra Mainnet, Columbus. Every new iteration of the Mainnet will also bring along a new COL NFT. The Genesis Collection (read below for release information) is the key to the gateway of new NFTs to come. For the upgrade of Columbus-6, COL NFT holders will be airdropped a variety of Columbus’s favorite rum bottles. This pattern will continue with COL-7, COL-8 and so on into infinity.

Future decisions and direction will be made by COL NFT holders. Even before releasing the genesis collection, the community has already been involved in shaping the decisions of the team and project. One example of this is the reduction of the original planned supply. The discord community came to a consensus that the original supply of 10,000 be reduced to 2,555 NFTs. NFT holders will vote on anything from art direction, collections, partnerships, royalties, etc.

In 2022, COL will be working with Chainlink in 2022 to facilitate the current goals & utilities and will be exploring additional next-gen utilities over the coming months.


Columbus Omnia Luna has secured several exciting partnerships and are always looking to expand and partner with more projects in order to bring more utility and value to the members of the COL and Terra community.

One of their partners is with Angel protocol. COL will create a unique NFT of which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity. As a result of their proposal, Angel protocol has invited Columbus Omnia Luna to be a member of the Angel Alliance.

Another form of partnership comes in the form of merchandise. Columbus Omnia Luna is actively looking for partners within the Terra ecosystem to help with the merchandise. They are currently partnered with Fungible Forest (the team behind Luna Loot). They don’t plan to profit from this partnership.

There are three options being considered for the net profit generated from the merchandise. One, contribute the net profit to the merchandise company as a form of gratitude. Two, donate it to charity. Three, keep the cost as low as possible for the community and make no net profit.

Mint Details

Now the moment you have all been waiting for; the details of Columbus Omnia Luna mint.

Columbus Omnia Luna will mint on Luart, February 1st. The total supply will run at 2,555 NFTs available at 39UST each.

There are a couple of things to go over in regards to the mint and whitelist and early adopters. First of all, there are three tiers given to members of the discord community. The tiers are as follows: Rank 1 the COLpioneers, Rank 2 the COLonels, Rank 3 The Columbus Omnia Lunatics. Each rank is based on when you joined their discord community. The first 500 members of discord were given Rank 1, the next 2000 members are given Rank 2 and after that all are Rank 3. For more information on the benefits of each tier, refer to their article here. Here is a chart that summarizes the benefits and includes some important details for the mint.

With that we come to the conclusion of the Columbus Omnia Luna deep dive. If you would like to dig deeper yourselves make sure to follow the team on their socials listed below.

#PutYourHelmetOn 👩‍🚀

Twitter: https://twitter.com/COL_NFT

Discord: discord.gg/COLNFT

Medium: https://columbusomnialuna.medium.com/

Telegram: t.me/col_nft

Join Luart

We are always looking for developers and creative minds who are interested in joining us on this journey in building the first gamified NFT marketplace in the Terra Ecosystem. See the links below to reach out.



The mission to Arcnes launches soon…

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